QuiConvert CP

Quicken Converter CP Version

This is a preview of the new QuiConv-CP version, coming out early next year. The new version, which is design to convert files from Csv-To-Qif, includes many new enhancements over the prior 2014 version. For example, the new CP's conversion engine now includes a new "Credit" output to QIF format.

The new CP version includes an updated user-interface style, with larger buttons and new Icons. The old clunky progress-bar is now replaced with a new slicker progress-bar, which is located at the bottom of the window. Other changes include application messages, which time-out and clear from the main-window.

Another welcome change in the CP version is the new Options window. The Options window replaces the old textboxes, which were on the main page, clearing the page for easy viewing of your CSV files. The Options window in the new CP version now captures character-by-character changes when updating the File or Folder sections. This new change eliminates errors caused by syncing with the user-settings output file, seen in the prior versions. Also, the Options window now includes "Default" reset buttons, allowing the user to reset the original factory settings.

The new CP version takes advantage of the .Net 4.0's multi-threading engine, allowing smooth loads and saves. The loading and saving file operations are greatly improved, since the separate threading engine eliminates UI lockups, allowing for larger CSV files to be loaded into the datagrid.

The CP version now includes several new features:

  • New Export to the Quicken's "Credit Transaction" format.
  • New Additional CPU Thread optimizations during loads and saves.
  • New Robust Error-Handling for file operations.
  • New Options Window, with "Default Value" resets.
  • New Optimized Progress-Bar, located at the bottom of the window.
  • Updated User-Interfaces, with New Icons and Larger Buttons.
  • Optimized User-Settings, with New "character-by-character" capture routines.

  • Windows OS Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
  • Intel 2.0 ghz CPU or similar
  • 2-MB Ram
  • .Net 4.0

$ 4.99