QuiConvert CP

Creates QIF format files from standard imported CSV files.

CP version saves custom setting using the new Options window..

CP version converts to Quicken's QIF credit account format.

CP version now includes error-handling logs for QIF output operations.

The CP version now includes several new features:

  • [New] Export to the Quicken's "Credit Transaction" format.
  • [New] Additional CPU Thread optimizations during loads and saves.
  • [New] Robust error-handling for file load/save operations.
  • [New] Options window, with "Default Value" resets.
  • [New] Optimized progress-bar, located at the bottom of the window.
  • [New] Optimized user-settings, with new "character-by-character" capture routines.
  • [New] Updated user-interfaces, with new icons and larger buttons.

Comma Parsing Rules;

  1. Separate each data point when a comma is found.
  2. When a quote is found, ignore all commas until the next quote is located.

Current Limitations;

  • The QuiConvert tool converts only to the Quicken's "Cash", "Bank" and "Credit" types.
  • The CSV standard format uses commas to split the data into separate columns. This format can cause issues during parsing a single row when the user's data contains quotes, resulting in one column containing some of the other column's data.  During testing, this situation only occured for the following pattern: '... data1, data2, data3, "da,ta,4 , data5 ...'  In this example pattern, the extra commas within the quoted section for 'Data4' will be ignored, since they fall into rule#2.  If the pattern does not contain the second quote symbol, then all commas thereafter will be ignored.

  • Windows OS Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
  • Intel 2.0 ghz CPU or similar
  • 2-MB Ram
  • .Net 4.0

$ 4.99