QuiConv 2014

Conversion Csv-To-Qif Tool

During January of 2013, I wanted to download my transactions file from Paypal, which offers several file formats.  Between the several formats, two formats stood out; QIF for Quicken and CSV.  I tried both formats, but quickly discovered the QIF format on Paypal did not work with my current version of Quicken 2012.  The 2nd format, CSV file format, is based on an older format where the data is separated by commas.  This format is compatible with Excel, but cannot be directly imported into the Quicken software.  With this problem in mind, I decided to create a simple conversion tool, which allows you to convert any CSV file to the QIF format.

The tool is extremely easy to use.  Simple load your CSV file into the mapper, choose your QIF mapping fields via the 'Map' button, and output your QIF file.  Once the QIF file is created, you can load it directly into Quicken Financial software.

My 2014 version now includes two new features:

  • Export to the Quicken's "Bank Transaction" format.
  • Sort the input data in the viewer by AlphaNumeric/Numeric formats.

  • Intel 2.0 ghz CPU or similar
  • 2-MB Ram
  • .Net 3.5