My PDF Vault! (Preview)

In the summer of 2013 I started PdfVault to store PDF documents in a searchable database, since the current store-to-folder solution was not working.

PdfVault is designed to search by either a custom-created 'Tag' or 'Text-Search' database filter.

PdfVault is able to import batches of PDF documents and auto 'Tag' each document using the original Window's folder name, saving hours of work to manually 'Tag' a document.

PdfVault's batch import operation is quick and easy to use, displaying a "Add" type report when the import process completes.

PdfVault's batch import operation also displays a "Validation" report. This report gives useful feedback for each file import, like duplicate items and new 'Tag' paths.

PdfVault uses Microsoft's Access database for quick retrieval and robust storage.

PdfVault is architected to use a three layer design, with the UI as the top layer, file operations as the middle layer and the database as the bottom layer.

PdfVault takes advantage of the new Multi-Cpu home computers, leveraging the power of multi-threaded operations to retrieve PDF files fast.

  • Intel 2.0 ghz CPU or similar
  • 2-MB Ram
  • .Net 4.0