Rules / Limitations

Auto "Tag" PDF documents for quick retrieval.

The Unique-Key system guarantees only new PDF documents are imported.

Overall 360 protection for your PDF documents, since you can auto-check for corruptions.

PDF documents are contained in this unique Vault, allowing character-by-charcter threaded searches.

Current Features;

  • Automatically "Tags" PDF documents by using the window's folder location the document was imported from!
  • Automatically sorts out which PDF documents are new during import by utilizing a unique 'Key' system.
  • Ability to batch import multiple PDF documents from some window's folder location.
  • Ability to do character-by-character threaded searches, allowing results to simultaneously populate from the database while you are typing.
  • Ability to search by "Tags" using a simple drop-down combo-box.
  • Ability to further refine your "Tags" results by simply double-clicking the results pane for instant filtering.
  • Ability to check for corrupt PDF documents, using a non-threaded or threaded process.

Current Limitations;

  • The Tool requires some form of the FREE 'Adobe Reader' on your system.

  • Windows OS Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 & 10
  • Intel 2.0 ghz CPU or similar
  • 2-MB Ram
  • .Net 4.0