Rules / Limitations

ClockZone uses the Windows Phone's built-in alarm, which triggers when using other applications.

Baking cup-cakes for school? Then ClockZone's countdown timer to track the cook times will come in handy.

Riding a bike to work? Use ClockZone's stopwatch timer to track your exercise times.

ClockZone standard edition comes with additional themes and clocks to use.

Current Features;

  • ClockZone Standard comes with different themes to suit your needs.
  • Jogging around the neighborhood? Use ClockZone to track your jog times from day-to-day.
  • Baking food like cakes and pies? Use ClockZone's countdown timer to stay on-top of these tough tasks.
  • ClockZone shows the current timers as animated clocks.
  • ClockZone's pendulum-clock lowers its outer pendulums to track your countdown as a percentage of completion.
  • ClockZone plays audio sounds for the clocks; but, it also allows the user to disable features, like the audio clicks.
  • ClockZone uses Windows Phone's multi-threading capabilities to smoothly animate the internal clocks.

Current Limitations;

  • Requires a physical Windows Phone with OS 7.1 or higher.


Another weekend at the fancy-pancy shopping center with the wife? You better change to the simple red-clock.

  • WinPhone's 7.1, 8.0, 8.1
  • 512-MB Ram
  • Multi-Core

$ 0.99