ClockZone (WinPhone)

The ClockZone is your place to go for stopwatch and countdown tasks. Want to bake a cake or a delicious cherry pie, then the countdown timer is for you. Or maybe your boss needs you to gather a bunch of time-stats for your work efforts? Then the stopwatch timer will come in handy for these tough situations. Need to run to lunch and only have a limited time, again you can rely on the countdown timer to keep you on-time.

But, beyond the timers, the ClockZone can be used just as traditional time-keeping piece. The ClockZone's animated clock is a wooden antique old-fashioned beauty, complete with 3 pendulums and 3 clock-hands. Even the main clock pendulum ticks!

The ClockZone Standard edition includes a larger Wood Clock Themed edition.

The ClockZone is able to use you window-phone's internal Alarm to let you know when a countdown is complete.

The ClockZone's Standard edition include the Crystal Clock Themed version.

The ClockZone's Standard edition include the Red Clock Themed version.

Use the ClockZone in three clock-modes; traditional mode, stopwatch mode and countdown mode. The countdown mode allows inputting time in hours-minutes-seconds and tracks your last input after the application closes.

The ClockZone's About page allows you to change some common features, like turning on/off messages or audio sounds-effects.

  • WinPhone's 7.1, 8.0, 8.1
  • 512-MB Ram
  • Multi-Core