A* Sample

My A* Pathfinding XNA Tool

I started the FREE game engine in 2008, as a silly side-project to learn the XNA framework. However, the longer I worked on the project, the more I wanted to accomplish.   For example, the A* path- finding portion of the project become a HUGE piece of the R.T.S. game.  I used many sources of information, from online how-to articles and technical books, to piece together the best of A* path- finding algorithm for the PC and XBOX-360.

I have decided to upload my sample WPF application, which shows how to use the A* Path-finding .dll in one of your own projects!  Be it a PC project, Xbox XNA project or a Windows Phone project, you can now use this assembly, as shown in my sample. 

What you get...

The download zip file contains the 'AStarComponent.dll' assembly, designed to be usable in any other XNA project for the PC and Xbox-360. You can also use the bind-able component in other types of projects, like simple WPF (Windows Presentation Format) projects for school demonstrations or for learning the A* algorithm. The 'AStarComponent.dll' assembly is designed for extreme performance, and was tested 1000 of hours on the Xbox-360 and PC.

The download zip also contains a simple WPF 'AStarSampleApp', shown in the picture above, which shows you how to use the A* component. With this sample application, you can study the C# code to see how to call and create A* solution paths in seconds. The code shows how to start bind the assembly, initialize the internals A* graph, and make "Find-Path" solution paths in a matter of seconds! Feel free to use the code in any project you desire.