Image-Nexus opened in California for businees during the Spring of 2006. The company started with an initial project called ImageLock. ImageLock was a simple database solution to store user pictures and custom images.

Image-Nexus main objective is to create consumer software for entertainment and business sectors.

During the spring of 2008, Image-Nexus started the TWEngine. The TWEngine is an indie game-engine, designed for the PC and Xbox platforms. The TWEngine is built on-top of Microsoft's XNA framework, a managed Direct-X version.

In 2015, Image-Nexus transitioned to Arizona. This was the same year Image-Nexus released the preview of TWEngine's scripting-component. The scripting-component helps facilitate the creation of indie games and reduces the complexity of using the TWEngine directly. Currently, two technology demos are available which use the scripting-component; TWEngine's mini-game and PumpkinToss.

During the year of 2017, Image-Nexus released an upgrade to the file conversion product called "QuiConvert CP". This new version, which is design to convert files from Csv to Qif format, includes many new enhancements.

Image-Nexus also creates applications for the Windows smartphones. During the fall of 2017, Image-Nexus released the new time-management application called "ClockZone" on Windows smartphones.

Currently, Image-Nexus is working on future products like "PDFVault", a home consumer product to store personal PDF documents.