Windows Phone 7.1

This WP7.1 UserDataHelper assembly is used to retrieve user-data from Windows Phone, returnable as ViewModel types classes, which are usable in XAML controls.

This is my second WP7.1 assembly used to help ease development on Windows Phone. I will be adding additional WP7.1 assemblies in the near future.

I use a default namespace string for all helper assemblies, making it easier to organize and locate assemblies within projects. Each helper assembly will be marked with the following default namespace: "BenScharbach.WP7.Helpers" with the actual namespace's specific name at the end of the default namespace; for example, 'UserData' for this assembly.

This helper class currently supports the 'Contacts' section within Windows Phone's user-data model. I plan to support additional user-data models, like 'Tasks' in the near future.

The helper class also support populating 'Sample' data, which is useful when using the Emulator mode. However, the sample-data only supports populating the ViewModel items, since Window Phone's 'Contact' classes are read-only by design.

Finally, this helper class requires use of my other StorageHelper class in order to store XML data.

Ben Scharbach