Windows Phone 7.1

This WP7.1 Storage assembly is used to serialize classes into XML data for save/load operations, saved to WP7.1 store.

This is one of my first WP7.1 assemblies used to help ease development on Windows Phone. I will be adding additional WP7.1 assemblies in the near future.

I use a default namespace string for all helper assemblies, making it easier to organize and locate assemblies within projects. Each helper assembly will be marked with the following default namespace: "BenScharbach.WP7.Helpers" with the actual namespace's specific name at the end of the default namespace; for example, 'Storage' for this assembly.

The storage assembly helper created from this code check-in uses the IsolatedFileStorage class. This class is contained within WP7.1 SDK. For future WP8 helper assemblies I will use the StorageFile class which only comes with WP8 SDK.

To use these assemblies' Load/Save operations, the consuming class must be properly decorated with Microsoft's serialization attributes. For example, to use the XML load and save methods, the consumed class MUST have the DataContract and DataMember attributes applied. Using these attributes on the consumed class gives you the ability to control which properties are serializable for the load and save operations.

Ben Scharbach