Windows Phone 8.0

The Windows Phone 8.0 progress-bar helper is used to display progress feedback using the built-in Windows Phone progress-bar using a separate thread to avoid visual stalls.

Windows Phone 8.0 SDK contains a progress-indicator class to communicate data to the visual bar at the top of the phone.

The progress-indicator in Window Phone requires a fully non-blocked UI state in order to see progress updates in real-time. To keep the UI in a non-blocked state, consuming code should use a separate thread to run progress iteration tasks. Communication to this progress-indicator, from the consuming code, is achived using the UI dispatcher thread.

To use this helper, create the progress{generic} instance and pass in the collection of {generic} items via the constructor. Iterate the collection in C# using the items method call, which will then take care of the per-index calls to the progress-indicator.

Note: The consuming code should have a separate thread created; otherwise, the UI updates will be blocked.