Progress Component

To communicate progress-iteration simply and quickly using a two-part component design.

The first component called the progress-broadcaster is used to communicate progress iteration information during some common collection iteration operation. The information communicated via events is comprised of three pieces of information; count, total and header.

The second component will be a WPF user-control assembly. This WPF user-control is separate from the broadcasting assembly. This separation allows using the broadcasting assembly in other projects, while the WPF user-control can relay this information, in real-time, on some WPF application's window.

The two components are then connected to allow progress information to flow from the progress-broadcaster directly to the WPF progress-bar user-control.

Within the WPF user-control, a progress-animation algorithm is included. The progress-animation algorithm uses an averaging timer to track the rate of updates sent from the broadcasting component. This information is used to update the progress-bar's animation over time, which is reflected in the rate of movement for the progress-bar's animation.