Progress Broadcaster

To communicate progress-iteration simply and quickly using a two-part component design.

WP 8.0 - Progress

This Windows Phone 8.0 progress helper is used to display progress feedback using the built-in Windows Phone's progress-bar using a separate thread to avoid visual stalls.

WP 7.1 - Storage

This Windows Phone 7.1 storage helper is used to serialize classes into XML data for save/load operations, saved to Windows Phone 7.1 store.

WP 7.1 - User-Data

This Windows Phone 7.1 user-data helper is used to retrieve user-data from Windows Phone, returnable as view-model types classes, which are usable in XAML controls.

WP 7.1 - XAML Get-Item

This Windows Phone 7.1 xaml-get-item helper is used to retrieve visual-items from collections generated using data-templates, using .Net ItemContainerGenerator() method.