C# Code shown from my Indie Game Engine's Scripting Component.
My Indie Game Engine's Structure Diagram
WPF example from my AutoSecure-2014 App.
C# code from my QuiConv-2014 App.
SQL Database Dataset from my MyAdobeVault!
My TFS-Express VMWare Workstation Setup
C# Sample Code from AutoSecure-2014 App.
My old ImageLock 2007 App.
During Development of PumpkinToss Indie Game.
My Diagram of the Indie Game Engine's Terrain-Classes.
View of my ImageCloudLock-2010 Beta App.
Excel worksheet formulas I created for Game Engine's QuadTree.
Code Sample from MyAdobeVault!
Screenshot of my Tanks MiniGame created on my Indie engine.
View of my old ImageLock-Pro 2007 App.
My AssetTool Windows-Form I created for my Game Engine.
Beta Play of my PumpkinToss Indie Game.
My High-Level Indie Game's Scripting WorkFlow Diagram.